Dice.Finance (BSC)

⚠️ This is ALPHA version. The contracts have not been audited. Use it at your own risks.
🚨 Binance Smart Chain using BNB as gas fee, and only set gas price at 20 GWEI.
All Machine

LV 1 - Sister's Favorite

LV 2 - Brat's Shooting Range

LV 3 - Dad's lover

LV 4 - Fate of Cleopatra

LV 5 - Kevin's casino dream

LV 6 - My cash cow
⚠️Persons who are located in or reside in United States, CW, Syrian Arab Republic, Islamic Republic Of Iran, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Netherlands or France (the “Prohibited Jurisdictions”) are not permitted to join in any of the dice.finance services.